Auditing Source Code

Description Of Service

The customer supplies C source code, either pre-processed in precisely the same way as their own compiler operates or with detailed instructions as to how it was pre-processed, and Oakwood Computing staff will analyse the code with a mixture of automated and manual inspection procedures, producing a detailed report covering at least the following:

  • Presence and location of statically detectable fault.
  • Compliance with ISO standards.
  • Detailed analysis using proprietary metric techniques of the code complexity with any maintenance implications.

If required, the code will also be analysed for the customer's own standards in so far as this can be achieved.

The audit is third-party, independent and, in the case of all high-integrity work will be carried out by a Chartered Engineer, in line with recommendations of the British Computer Society. Oakwood Computing staff have worldwide experience of auditing millions of lines of source code from many application areas gained over the last few years.


Customer source code is treated with the same degree of confidentiality as our own and we are happy to sign symmetric non-disclosure agreements.


Source code should either be preprocessed or be supplied with all referenced include files. It can be sent by e-mail or by CD, either as a zip archive or a tarball.

For more details, please contact us.